The Financial Times| Can there be a global role for Britain after Brexit?
Simon Fraser’s comments on Britain’s foreign policy analysed in the FT’s Brexit Briefing

9 November 2017

In Search of a Role| Rethinking British Foreign Policy
Sir Simon Fraser speaks at Chatham House

7 November 2017

The Guardian| Why Europe will miss the disruptive Brits
Jean-Claude Juncker thinks Brexit will clear the way for a more harmonious European Union. How wrong he is, writes Nigel Gardner

15 September 2017

The Financial Times| A diminished Britain must be realistic about the Brexit talks
The other 27 EU members hold the whip hand in the negotiations, writes Simon Fraser

4 July 2017

CNBC| EU flexes military muscles wit new defense plan
Bruno Macaes remains sceptical about EU defence integration plans

23 June 2017

CNBC| EU leaders welcome UK PM’s offer on EU citizens’ rights
Bruno Macaes on UK proposals on citizens’ rights

23 June 2017

CNBC| Brexit talks likely to take 5 years: Former Minister
Bruno Macaes discusses what businesses should expect from Brexit timelines

23 June 2017

Politico | A Socialist Brexit to reshape UK and Europe
Bruno Macaes on the political landscape of Brexit

18 June 2017

CNN | How UK’s results weaken Brexit negotiations
Christian Amanpour speaks to Simon Fraser about what the election results may mean for Brexit negotiations

9 June 2017

BBC Radio 4 | Election coverage
Sir Simon Fraser discusses the outcome of the general election

9 June 2017

Bloomberg | APRDI-Bloomberg Indonesia Fund Awards 2017 Winners
David Wright on the outlooks, risks and opportunities for Indonesia investors

26 April 2017

Deutsche Welle | May needs a vote of confidence
Thomas Matussek on Prime Minister May calling for a snap election (German)

18 April 2017

The World Today | Bracing ourselves for Brexit
Simon Fraser outlines the priorities for profitable trading outside the EU

10 April 2017

Süddeutsche Zeitung | Beleidigt sein hilft nicht
Article by Thomas Matussek on the need for German business engagement in the Brexit process

30 March 2017

China Daily | China’s Belt and Road Forum ‘may equal G20 in importance’
Bruno Macaes comments on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

25 March 2017

BBC Two | Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal
Sir Simon Fraser discusses Brexit with Laura Kuenssberg

9 March 2017

Financial Times | Post-Brexit delusions about Empire 2.0
Sir Simon Fraser comments on post-Brexit trade deals with the Commonwealth

7 March 2017

Financial Times | Britain urged to strengthen Commonwealth trade ties
Sir Simon Fraser comments on post-Brexit trade deals

7 March 2017

Bloomberg | What to expect for trade post-Trump and Brexit
Sir Simon Fraser comments on the future of trade

24 February 2017

BBC Today | Britain’s Future Trade Relationships
Sir Simon Fraser in discussion with Katie Prescott

23 February 2017

The World is Our Oyster? | Britain’s Future Trade Relationships
Annual Tacitus Lecture given by Sir Simon Fraser

23 February 2017

Politico | Flint Boosts Brussels

19 January 2017

BBC World Service Weekend | A furore in the UK following the resignation of Britain’s ambassador to the EU
Sir Simon Fraser comments on the departure of Sir Ivan Rogers

7 January 2017

Bloomberg | Flint Global on Brexit: Things Are Getting Very Real
Sir Simon Fraser in discussion with Erik Britton, Director at Fathom Financial Consulting

6 January 2017

BBC Today | ‘Ambassadors aren’t appointed for their beliefs’
Sir Simon Fraser says Sir Ivan Rogers’ successor, ‘needs to be able to offer clear, dispassionate, objective advice’

4 January 2017

CNN International | UK Reels from Resignation ahead of Brexit Talks
Sir Simon Fraser discusses Brexit with Christiane Amanpour

4 January 2017

Financial News | Global regulation clouded after Trump and Brexit
David Wright speaking at an FN briefing on the future of financial regulation

23 November 2016

The Independent | Brexit will not be a pain-free ‘quickie divorce’ by 2019, parliamentary inquiry hears
A former permanent secretary at the Foreign Office dismisses Michael Gove’s ambition – saying, ‘I do not think it’s likely to be an attainable one’

16 November 2016

Financial Times | Brexit demands testing Whitehall, says former top official
Senior staffers prepared to quit amid fears of acrimonious departure process

16 November 2016

Politico | Brexit ‘afterburners need to be put on’
Former senior civil servant says Whitehall has not made enough progress on plans to leave the EU

16 November 2016

The Guardian | Michael Gove raises question of ‘quickie divorce’ for UK from EU
Former leave campaigner asks experts why Brexit cannot take place without future relationship with bloc being settled

16 November 2016

The Financial Times | Brexit Briefing: Glory days ahead for the FCO
Britain needs a lean, mean approach to international affairs

28 October 2016

Can the UK Retain Global Influence After Brexit? | Policies and Structures for a New Era
Speech by Sir Simon Fraser given at King’s College London

7 November 2016

The Guardian Want to get on in the Civil Service? Brexit is now the only game in town
Long and tough Brexit negotiations could make or break civil service careers, says former Foreign Office boss Sir Simon Fraser

28 October 2016

The Institute for Government Brexit: How should the UK approach Brexit negotiations?
 Sir Simon Fraser discusses Brexit with Bronwen Maddox, Director of the Institute for Government

24 October 2016

The Guardian | UK will need interim EU deal before Brexit, says ex-Foreign Office chief
Sir Simon Fraser says short-term deal will be necessary even if Brexit is negotiated within two years of triggering article 50

24 October 2016

BBC News Channel | Simon Fraser discusses the role of Parliament in the Brexit process

12 October 2016

Financial Times | Brexit brings headaches for regulation-weary traders
David Wright comments on Brexit

11 October 2016

BBC Radio Scotland, Good Morning Scotland | Sir Simon Fraser discusses Japanese reactions to Brexit (BBC iPlayer, 2hrs 56mins)

05 September 2016

BBC Breakfast | Sir Simon Fraser discusses attitudes towards Britain and Brexit at the G20 summit

04 September 2016

BBC Parliament The Long Goodbye? How might Brexit work its way through Whitehall and parliament? Alicia McCarthy hears from a panel of experts.

26 July 2016

Sky News | Sir Simon Fraser on Sky News Tonight with Adam Boulton  

14 July 2016

The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4 |  Sir Simon Fraser discusses the cabinet reshuffle with Justin Webb

14 July 2016

 BBC News 24 |  Sir Simon Fraser discusses the cabinet reshuffle 

14 July 2016

BBC, Six O’Clock News | Sir Simon Fraser, Managing Partner of Flint Global, discussing the implications of the EU referendum for the UK’s international role (BBC iPlayer, 20mins 15secs)

4 July 2016

Business Live, BBC Sir Simon Fraser, Managing Partner of Flint Global, discusses Market Access options post Brexit (BBC iPlayer, 3mins 50 secs)

30 June 2016

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme | Sir Simon Fraser talks to Ross Hawkins about trade negotiation (BBC iPlayer, 34mins 54 secs)

25 June 2016

BBC 1 EU Referendum – The Result, Andrew Neill interview with Sir Simon Fraser (BBC iPlayer, 36min 40secs)

24 June 2016

RTÉ Radio 1 Morning Live | Sir Simon Fraser talks to Cathal Mac Coille ahead of the referendum result (interview at 1hr 57mins)

23 June 2016