Who We Are

Our leadership team have run large organisations and successful companies. We have been senior decision makers in government, regulatory agencies and business, and have personally advised leaders across the public and private sectors. We are based in London, work in Brussels and across the EU, and serve global clients.

What We Do

We help firms on the issues they encounter at the interface with government and regulators. We work on complex transactions, regulatory, organisational or transformational challenges. Our clients are in sectors from technology to energy, from financial services to manufacturing. We support them in analysing how developments affect their business, formulating successful policy responses and delivering strong engagement strategies to advance their interests.

Our Services

  • We help companies understand and manage the impact of regulation, legislation and policy developments on their business
  • We support clients in managing competition, state aid or policy concerns that arise from transactions
  • We offer deep insight and analysis about policy, economic and regulatory events
  • We provide strategic, organisational and restructuring advice to enhance companies’ policy and regulatory performance

Flint’s Edge

Our unique proposition lies in our knowledge and experience of how decisions are really made, including the economic and political factors that come into play.

We help our clients anticipate, navigate and influence those processes and achieve results.

We offer a rare combination of technical and regulatory expertise and experience of how policy making really works.



Deep, first-hand knowledge of government, business, policy, regulation, anti-trust and merger control



Hands-on advice from our senior team, with a strong focus on results



Authoritative analysis and interpretation of international events and regulatory developments